Classroom is the place where almost all the learning’s are obtained by a person. Classrooms aren’t just confined anymore to the four walls of traditional schools.

Education through technology is the way of the future. There are many ways in which we can benefit from the new technologies being developed today. Among these many types of technology used in the classroom. There are many new technologies being used in classrooms today. Technology has become integrated in the classroom in many ways such we cannot even imagine. Technology can add that extra zing and excitement to any lesson.

You might want to know, so, here are some benefits of using technology in classrooms.

  1. New technologies make distance learning easier.
  2.  It also allows faster feedback and improved collaborative efforts between large groups of people.
  3. Technologies like podcasting and websites allow students to learn and participate in discussions even when they miss classes due to sickness.
  4. Blogs and wikis widen the avenue for discussion and give students a chance to participate outside of the classroom.
  5. Interactive whiteboards makes teaching easier, giving students better visual aids and teachers an easier time in presenting lessons.
  6. Mobile devices allow teachers to deliver information to students in a lightning-fast manner.

So, we have known the benefits of various types of technology used in classrooms, now let’s step away from those paper and pencil lessons and explore the wonderful.

What types of technology used in the classroom? Here are some handy devices that will take your lessons to the next level.


Computers :

types of technology used in the classroom computerIn the last decade, the use of computers in classrooms have extended and become widespread. This is possibly the most functional and necessary types of technology used in classroom. Computers not only help the teacher with presenting lessons but also with management and organization. A teacher’s computer will be used for preparing lesson plans, completing grade book, checking emails, making posters, preparing letters, and so on. The computer also serves as the main connector to all other technologies. Without feeling the need of computer, a student can hardly go to classes now. Students use their computers to do various things, like completing their assignments, doing research and thesis, or to stay connected with their classmates. A teacher uses his computer in the classroom to keep themselves connected to their students, check on student’s work, or grade them easily and more transparently in exams. In modern days, we have portable computers alongside the desktop computers. These computers are commonly called notebooks or laptops. These modern day computers come with many installed applications like Microsoft office, that can help students to do well. The students can use apps like internet explorer to search and use the web, they can also use word processing applications to take notes of the class. Teachers also can help students to learn these complicated applications. This way it will be easier for the students to understand the process and be used to it.


Multimedia Projector :

types of technology used in the classroom multimedia projectorAnother known types of technology used in classroom is multimedia projectors, which are the compact devices that project images in high resolution, are commonplace in many of today’s classrooms. Now a days, you won’t find a classroom which doesn’t have a multimedia projector. Projectors are so important because they can project images, presentation files, or videos from a desktop computer, laptop, or document camera onto a screen or wall. The projector is the gateway to all technology that are used in classroom, because it helps to create a visual connection for the students from a variety of devices and programs. If you want to create a PowerPoint presentation about anything, the use of a projector would be highly beneficial for the job. It is much more easier and comfortable for a teacher to show these type of things to students by using projectors, rather than having them gather around his laptop. This way every student can see and hear the presentation at the same time, thanks to the multimedia projector. It can display the screen on a larger scale so that all students are able to view the information shown by the teacher easily from every corner of the classroom.


Document Camera :

types of technology used in the classroom document cameraA document camera is not like a normal still or video camera. Document camera acts as a instant video projector, it displays a real-time visual output on a larger scale. Document camera needs the help of a multimedia projector to display the contents. What you can do is read pages out of a book, or show students how to make a science project using document caner. This classroom technology is a great tool for every teacher in the classroom. This is a perfect tool for showing examples of how to complete a math page or giving handwriting tips to students, or just reading a story while students watch from their seats. The camera is first connected to a multimedia projector. When the item to show such as a book, worksheet, or science experiment is placed under or behind the camera, it passes the video feed to the projector and it projects onto the screen live. Just like the normal camera on ya cell phone, it shows every movement and details. Document camera can be even used to take still pictures or video recordings for later use in discussions.


Internet :

types of technology used in the classroom internetThe use of internet in classroom is endless. Class blogs and class wiki are the things that can be created in internet and are lot of fun to participate. It is very easy to create a blog in the internet, specially using content management software’s like wordpress, blogger, tumbler, weebly, ghost and so many. Teachers may create blogs about class, where they can post assignments, take quiz exams and many more. If the school has no website sever of its own to host these class blogs, the teacher can use free hosting services. Via these web platforms, the teacher can create a blog under a sub domain of that host website server. This classroom technology has endless uses all around the class. Any student will find all academic assignments he needs via that blog. They can also discuss about it on the comments, and help each other on the topic. This will create a good after-class environment. And because it is very easy to manage and post data on a blog and manage it, every teacher should have the blog for their students.


Microphones :

types of technology used in the classroom microphoneMicrophones has a good amount of use in educational institutes. This tool is very handy for large amount of students and big classrooms. Big classrooms with a lot of students always has endless noise, and teacher cannot reach to all students by himself. So they must go to the very easy solution to this problem, the microphone. There are two types, wireless digital microphones. The microphone passes the voice of the teacher to the loud speaker and every student then can hear the teacher clearly. This awesome device helps the teacher not to strain their voices while trying to teach something or explain points to their students. These classroom utilities are not too expensive at all, so even a small school can manage to buy wireless microphones for every classroom. The students can also use the same microphone when they are asking questions to their teachers in class, when they have to explain a subject when asked by the teacher, or during a classroom debate explain topics to their classmates. So microphone is one of the most important types of technology used in the classroom.


Mobile devices :

types of technology used in the classroom mobile devicesSmartphones or mobile tablets are also a very useful classroom tech. Teachers and students both can use these smartphones for  carious academic purposes in the classroom. Now a days this mobile learning is becoming very popular. This is very much similar to long distance education. Though it is based on mobile phones, mobile learning is now being accepted by teachers also. Mobile learning is useful and easy because it is accessible from anywhere in the world no matter where and how are you. Mobile phones are very light, easy to use and easy to carry yet they can also have the same application a simple computer can have. Any student can access his academic information like assignments, class notices, results via an educational application.  Teachers can upload everything to these apps and students can access course materials from there and also can post questions about specific subjects, all this can be done in the classroom or outside the classroom widening the opportunity to study more.


Smart interactive Whiteboards :

types of technology used in the classroom Smart-interactive-WhiteboarModern smart white boards have a touch screen functionality, so the teacher can illustrate points using a pen or their finger. Using a projector, teachers can display visual images on these white boards which improves the learning process. Students will learn more easily with visual images. Students also may use these white boards to draw images in class, write or manipulate images, do math’s or write  answers. This classroom tech comes in various sizes, the wide ones are better, because they can show a lager image. Wide boards can also be used by two students at a time. Most of these boards are electricity powered. so they can be easily switched on or turned off with a button. Advanced white boards have new features, they can also save teachers work for later use.


Online media :

types of technology used in the classroom online-mediaAs internet spread around the world, uses of online media has been vastly increased. Online media are now being used in classrooms also. Online streaming is very useful in this CSE. Teachers and students both use online streaming media to teach and learn in the classroom. With the proper help of projector and computers. With the help of a computer, internet connection and white boards, a teacher can show a real-time example using stream. Online media storing website has numberless videos which can be used for academic reference. Teachers can explain a topic and its details while at the same time video on the topic can be shown using live stream. This type of teaching technique will attract the student’s attention much more than normal and they will learn very easily.


Online-offline study tools :

types of technology used in the classroom online-offline-study-toolsThere are various study tools available online and offline. Online study tools like Dynamic Periodic Table can be used by Chemistry students and they can easily remember in keeping elements apart. Foldit tool helps biology students to easily understand basic knowledge about proteins. Mathway is a tool for mathematics. This awesome tool helps math students to solve math challenges. students can simply select a subject that they need to work on and hit solve. The problem will be solved by the tool. All these academic tools can improve the way students fear

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