Importance of education in our life.

What is Education?

Importance of EducationEducation is a big word for a much bigger perspective. The word itself refers to a systematic process. Now no one can ignore the importance of education. This is the process of learning and gaining skills and knowledge. Education is very important for a person. One can get this knowledge through study and instructions. The person who receives education is called a student. And the person who gives the education to the students is called a teacher. Education is normally given at a place called school.

Generally, teachers and students gather at the school where teachers teach the students. The education in school includes three types. Those are primary education, secondary education and higher secondary education. Primary education is also known as elementary education. Little kids are helped to build up their mind at primary school. Completing the part of school education students can join to a college, university or any other institute for further studies.

Why education is important?

Education is very important in any human’s life. Without education, no one can survive in this modern world. It has endless benefits and has positive impact in everyone’s life. Educated people are a great asset for their country. Education makes people civilized and organized. In today’s world, human resource is considered the best resource for a country. An educated person can improve his/her own life. Besides that they can contribute to improve social life and help the nation to get improved. The entire nation and civilization would get benefits from his works. There are thousands of aspects of human life that needs education. In this article, you will see all the important aspects about importance of education.

Importance of education:

There are plenty of importance of education in human life. We will try to show you all that you need to know.

  1. Education for happy life:

You cannot ignore the importance of education for a happy life. If you want to be happy in your life, you need to be educated. You want to enjoy the world, you need education. You need to get educated if you want a good job and good social reputation. In short, education is a must need for a stable and happy life.

  1. Education for equality:

education-for-equityEquality means everything for everyone equally. In this world, equality is only possible if everyone is educated. The world will be a fair place when equal opportunities are given to everyone. Education is the thing we require to do so. People are divided into different classes and genders. Education is a must if we want to diminish existing differences. The poor people also can compete with others in the job fields. Education also plays a very vital role in women empowerment.



  1. Education for earning money:

Importance of education for earning your livelihood is undeniable. Uneducated people are left behind in the spots where education is needed. In most fields, education is the key for a high paying job. An uneducated person has no chances of getting a good and reputed job. Thing is, everybody on earth wants a good life. You like all the people will agree that money is important for survival in this world. Here, if you are educated, you have the better career options.

  1. Education makes dreams come true:

Everybody has dreams. No matter what you are or where you are, you have hidden dreams also. But, whatever is your dream, it’s almost impossible to make it come true without education. What’s your dream? Do you want to be famous? Do you want to be rich? Maybe being a celebrity is what you want. Or you want to be a successful person respected by all. To all your dreams, education is the only key other than some exceptional cases.

  1. Education makes you self dependent:

education-self-defenceSelf dependency is a virtue. A man, who is self dependent, can move mountains by his will. Self dependency makes a person happy, humble and joyful. To be a self dependent person, education is needed. The more you know, more you become self-aware. Education makes you wiser. This helps you to make your own decisions when needed.

  1. Education makes the world safer and peaceful:

The world is what we make of it. Peace is not just a word. For the world, world peace is very important. Through world peace, humans can live long on earth and prosper. To make this world a safer and peaceful place, importance of education is undeniable. Education grows conscience in us that helps us to understand of the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. Besides, crime comes as a result of poverty. As a chain reaction, poverty comes as a result of lack of education. Uneducated people living in poverty who lack of opportunities turn to illegal ways to survive. They involve in crimes such as theft and robbery to solve their financial problems. If they were educated, they would not go in ways of crime. Educated people know their responsibilities towards the society and humanity. Thus they keep safety and peace among themselves.

  1. Education makes confidence in you:

With education comes confidence. Confidence is necessary when you are chasing after a job. Confidence makes your will stronger and helps you to reach your goal. Education means getting knowledge. The more you know, the more you become confident of yourself. Besides, educational degree is taken by many as a proof of knowledge and wisdom. An educated person has more chances of getting opportunities or being famous. For an uneducated man, it is hard to express his views and opinions. That causes due to lack of confidence.

  1. Education builds reputation in the society:

Humans live in a society. Society is a system where respect and reputation counts for everyone. As a result everyone living in a society wants to have better reputation amongst it. A society has its own set of rules and having education is one of them. While you live in a society, the society expects you to be educated. You have to go to school and college to study. Then you can get a job and settle down in the society. In a nutshell, education helps you to be a member of the society. As much you get educated, you earn better place for yourself.

  1. Saves you from being cheated on:

There are evil everywhere. Some criminals take advantage of the innocent and illiterate people. They cheat on these people who don’t know how to protect themselves. Importance of education is maximized here. Education makes one aware of his rights. It also helps to fight crime by defending yourself with knowledge. This way, education saves you from being fooled and exploited. We live in a world where we enjoy a lot of rights and freedom as a human being. An educated person knows all his rights and cannot be cheated on or fooled easily. On the other hand, uneducated people are fooled and taken advantage of easily.

  1. Education for economic growth of a nation:

economic-growthThe prosperity of a nation lies on the hands of its people. When the people of a country are educated, they can easily get top jobs in home and abroad. This helps a nation to earn economic strength. Countries like USA, Japan, China and Australia have very high literacy rates. This is why; the citizens of these countries have a high income rate. That leads to the prosperity of these countries. But if we look at underdeveloped and developing countries, literacy rate is not as high. A large number of people in those areas are still living their lives below the poverty line. For these countries, education is the only way to prosper economically.

  1. World citizenship:

The world is a global village now. We are the citizens of this wide village. As a member of this global community, everyone must fulfill his destiny. A member of the world citizenship must work for the benefits of humanity. In order to do that, we need to be educated. Education is a must for global citizenship. An educated person has the ethics that helps him to choose what’s right. Educated citizens always work for the benefits of the world and humanity. Education helps to produce citizens who have both intellectual and moral integrity.

  1. Education helps national interest:

Every nation needs intellectuals, wise people who help to keep the integrity of the nation. The first condition of being an intellectual person is to be an educated person. While being educated, a person learns everything someone needs to know to love his country. Education creates patriotism as well as national interest within us. A nation needs highly educated professionals to keep up with the world, and to protect its integrity. The doctors, engineers, scientists, soldiers, political leaders, writers, inventors, all work together to protect the national interest of their country and to prosper in future.

  1. Backbone of developing countries:

There are many countries that are currently in a developing state. Importance of education for these developing countries is non-explainable. In short words, education is the backbone of these developing countries. In every sector like economy, agriculture, culture, political aspects, scientific aspects, a developing country needs educated peoples. Educated men are assets to these countries. Most important resource of a developing nation is its human resources. So, in order to accelerate the development process, developing countries should understand the importance of education. By developing an improved educational system, development of these countries will reach sky. Development of economy and society is depended on education. Educated people can easily understand what needs to be done. They have the ability to understand each other, and to develop everything around them. They can become entrepreneurs, scientists and agriculturists. Today’s world is mostly run by Information Technology. Education in this field also has become a deciding factor for the future of developing countries.

  1. Moral, spiritual and ethical improvements:

Human beings must have morality as well as ethical clearance and spiritual empowerment. An uneducated person does not have these in most cases. These virtues are taught mostly in school throughout the childhood of a person. Besides being educated, a person also gets the moral conviction of right and wrong. On the other hand, educational institutions don’t produce saints. But they can make the students understand the spiritual and ethical values. A man without ethical values is not accepted in the humanity. No matter how gifted or brilliant a person is, it is his ethical and spiritual values that make him human.

  1. Education produces good citizens:

Prosperity and improvement of a nation is depended on the citizens. Good citizens always contribute on the development of the nation. It is said that the today’s children are the citizens of tomorrow. To become good citizens of tomorrow, they have to study hard and get educated. It is a great loss when talented kids don’t get the chance of proper education.

  1. Earn a livelihood to survive:

To survive on earth, everyone needs a livelihood. Uneducated people do not have much job options for themselves. They have to struggle throughout their life. On the other hand, educated people have infinite opportunities. They can earn their livelihood easily. Thus, an educated person can easily meet the basic needs of his life.

  1. Transmit national culture:

The culture of a nation is its treasure. To preserve the culture, education is a must. Students are the future of a nation. Students study and learn about the culture. This way culture stays preserved and transmits through generations.

  1. Literacy of the nation:

Illiterate nation does not take much time to face its doom. Illiterate people do not know much to help them. They poorly survive day by day somehow doing something. Education helps a person to become literate. Literacy means the ability to read and write. A literate person is an asset of the nation. Literacy is very important not only for children but also for adults.

  1. Curiosity about the unknown:

Humans are curious by nature. They invented many things till this day all because of curiosity. But the fact is, only curiosity will leave you in a labyrinth of questions. To get the right answers to these questions, we need education. Sometimes, to make the right question education is necessary. An educated person has infinite curiosity. To discover the unknown, and to satisfy the passion to know in a scientific way, education is a must for us.

  1. Developing wisdom among people:

The wiser the people are, the greater the nation is. It is definite that wise people are the assets of the nation. The improvement of a nation is certain if it is run by wisdom. Regarding this, educational institutions in most countries try to arouse intellectual curiosity. So that students satisfy the appetite for more knowledge and develop the wisdom among them.

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