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The age of information has become more advanced than ever. These advances have made information technology a very revolutionary area. At the heart of this information revolution is the increasing demand for access, management, and transformation of information. Information technology runs the information infrastructure that has become integrated on a global scale socially, culturally, and economically. Databases, apps, computer software, websites, mobile data, servers, voice networks each are a part of this larger, interconnected informational ecosystem. Information technology can shortly be defined as the use of computing technique via various electronic components. The phrase, Information Technology that is often shortened to just IT, is a phrase probably is heard by everyone. If you work with a IT personnel or you have went to school for anything related to computers, you also heard it. The persons who have their careers in information technology sectors are called IT workers. They are highly specialized in their respective fields; probably this is why they are called IT nerds. They like very much what they work on, what they do and they enjoy doing it while understanding it inside out. Information technology workers are essential to just about everything now-a-days. Almost every company relies on phones, emails, and internet now. So obviously there’s a professional IT expert behind it, making sure the machines function properly.


Want to know something great?

Here it is, as per statistics, employment of computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 12 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the averages for all other occupations. These occupations are expected to add about 488,500 new jobs for people. From about 3.9 million jobs to about 4.4 million jobs added from 2014 to 2024. Due to a greater emphasis on cloud computing, the collection and storage of big data became a nut job; more everyday items are now becoming connected to the Internet. The continued demand for mobile computing is also on song. And above all, the median annual wage for all careers in information technology occupations was near $85,000 in May 2016. This was higher than the median annual wage for all other occupations of $37,040.

Isn’t that amazing?

So you must wonder what is the real benefit of being the behind the scenes technological expert of a company? Well, excellent amount of pay is your reward. As the economy changes its colors and more jobs open up for people, expect the needs of IT professionals to be as vast as ever. Are you curious about what you might like to do and how much someone should pay for it? Well, we will talk about that.

But first, to be an IT expert, and build good careers in information technology you need to gather some skills and of course, study enough to get the knowledge and degrees. Jobs in information technology are such as programmers and analysts; usually require at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related area, but sometimes an associate’s degree will suffice. Experience is always a plus, too, and can be gained through school as well as on the job. Not all computer support specialist jobs require extensive post secondary education or a degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). You may find that different companies look for a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, while others value experience and computer skills enough to land you the job.

Here are some of the important skills and qualities that you will need to develop in order to be successful in the careers in information technology.

  •     Good communication skills
  •     Organizing skills
  •     Ability to follow and implement a plan
  •     Ability of problem solving
  •     Strong analytical skills
  •     Ability to focus for a long period of time

Now, are you ready to know the opportunities? Are you interested in IT careers? If you are, then here are the career opportunities with details you may like.

Computer Support Specialist:

Computer Support SpecialistComputer support specialists provide help and advice to people and organizations regarding using computer software or equipment. Some of them are called computer network support specialists who support information technology employees within their organization. Others are called computer user support specialists who on the other hand assist normal users having computer problems. Computer support specialists work within the broad spectrum of information technology. They assist all types of information technology needs. These include working with software developers, system analysts, administrators, and users. This makes it the most interesting careers in information technology. Help desk technicians assist those people who are not in the IT fields, who need assistance with their computer or computer system. Technical support specialist or computer network support specialist might has to do things like watching over existing network systems, conducting required maintenance on networks or troubleshoot systems if needed.  On the other hand, help desk technician or computer user technicians has to do things like listening to users as they describe their computer issues, then asking the right questions to diagnose the computer issues, after understanding problem, explaining step by step solutions to the user. They also have to install software and maintain computer equipment and related devices when needed assist users with new computer hardware or software and evaluate issues customers have.

Education Required: Requirements vary for entry into computer support positions. A bachelor’s degree is required, an associate degree is often sufficient for the job.

Salary: $52160

Computer Programmers:

Computer ProgrammersComputer programmers are the wizards of IT sector. Programmers write and test machine code that allows every computer application and software programs to run and work properly. Programmers turn the new idea created by developers and engineers into mechanical instructions by writing code that a computer may follow. Shortly, programmers write computer codes and turn designed software’s into reality. This is the most precious of the careers in information technology ever found.  Programmers need bachelor’s degree along with good programming skills and they needs to learn new computer languages. In short, computer programming requires a lifelong learning and adaptation skills in order to stay put with changing technology.

Education Required: A Bachelor’s degree is a must need for almost every occupier. Some companies hire associate degree also.

Salary: $79,840

Computer Systems Analysts:

Computer Systems AnalystsComputer systems analysts study an organization’s current computer systems and procedures and design information systems solutions to help the organization operate more efficiently and effectively. They bring business and information technology together under one roof by understanding the needs and limitations of both.

Systems Analyst’s job is to evaluate a company’s current computer systems and business processes. They determine the requirements and make recommendations for more efficient and effective business and IT interaction. Typically, we can say they act as a bridge between business and IT.

Education Required: A systems analyst must have a bachelor’s degree. Usually a bachelor’s in computer or information science. Other degrees as in business or liberal arts are also considered if the candidate is efficient with computers.

Salary: $72,800

Computer and Information Systems Managers:

Computer and Information Systems ManagersThis is one of the easiest careers in information technology. They are often called IT managers in short. They direct teams including programmers and analysts to run projects for all computer related needs in an organization. In addition to that, they also help to identify the goals of the company and implements required computer systems in order to meet those goals.

Education Required: Typically needs a Bachelor’s in Information Science or a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. They may also have a graduate degree such as a Master’s in Information Science or even a PH.D. in Computer Science.

Salary: $60,800

Database Administrators:

database administratorsDatabase administrators are the keepers of information’s. They use specialized software’s to store, organize and maintain data, such as financial information and shipping records. DBA’s make sure that every data are available to every user whenever they ask for it. They also make sure that data is secure from unauthorized access. They are software specialists, specialized on one application. They focus on the applications and services responsible for organizing and storing of data for any organization. Database administrators also ensure the security of data as well as its availability to users.

Education Required: Usually, Database Administrators must possess a Bachelor’s in Information or Computer Science. This is one of the highest paying careers in information technology.

Salary: $84,950

Information Security Analysts:

Information-Security-AnalysInformation security analysts work with the security of the data and information of a company. In order to do that they plan and carry out security measures to protect the organization’s computer networks and systems. They have to work hard to maintain secure and safe guard on the vital data. Their responsibilities are continually increasing these days as data hacking is increasing day by day. Wages are increasing for this post also.

Education Required: Typically, a Bachelor’s in Computer Science or Information Science is required. Knowing a variety of programming languages is also important.

Salary: $92,600

Computer Systems Administrators:

Computer-and-Information-SyComputer networks are a very critical part of almost every business organization. Network and computer systems administrators have to check and maintain these large network systems regularly. They are responsible for the perfect everyday operation of these networks.

Education Required: Usually, a Bachelor’s in Information or Computer Science is needed for this job.


Salary: $79,700

Network Systems Administrators:

computer and information scienceSystem administrators are in charge of the functioning of an organizations computer network system. This job includes organizing, installing, and supporting computer systems, network systems, intranets, and other data communication systems.

Education Required: Bachelor’s in Computer Science or Information Systems will be enough. Sometimes you can be hired with an associate degree or professional certification if you have related and relevant experience.

Salary: $86,700

Software Developers:

software-developersDo you like playing video games? Or do you want to design the next Facebook? This option is for you. Software engineers are the masterminds behind all the programs we run on our devices and personal computers. There is a very wide range of nice fields you can work in. Software developers are the creative minds behind computer programs. Some developers develop the applications that allow people to do specific works on a computer or another device. Others develop the systems that run the devices or control the system. Some software developer’s focus more on the systems software’s that runs devices rather than user applications.

Education Required: Bachelor’s in Computer Science is generally required, as well as strong programming and developing skills.

Salary: $102,280

Web Developers:

Web-DevelopersWeb developers design and create websites. They are responsible for the look of the site. They are also responsible for the site’s technical aspects, such as its performance and capacity, which are measures of a website’s speed and how much traffic the site can handle. In addition, web developers may have to create content for the website also. So we can easily say that web developers are jacks of all trades. They create all for a website like web pages, web applications and web content. Their skill requires them to have excellent amount of understanding about operating system. They need to know what an average surfer finds visually stimulating and how to optimize sites for mobile. Among all other skills, they also need excellence in web languages like HTML and JavaScript.

Education Required: Web designing doesn’t need any degrees. It is mostly self learned process.

Salary: $90000

Computer and information research scientists:

computer-information-researComputer and information research scientists are the prodigies of the sector. They invent and design new approaches to computing technology. They also find innovative uses for existing technologies and upgrade them. They also study and solve complex problems occurred in computing.

Education Required: A doctoral or professional degree over the computer science field is essential for this job. Experience is also needed.

Salary: $111,840

Computer Network Architects:

Computer-Network-ArchitectsComputer network architect is like a spider, which has to build the net of complicated networks in a company. Network architect’s job is to design and build the data communication network for an organization. Popular networks they have to build include local area networks, wide area networks, and intranets. These computer networks may range from one small connection to large and very sophisticated ones. For example a small network between two offices to a next generation networking system using new technologies as cloud infrastructures. This is one of the best careers in information technology.

Education Required: Bachelor’s in Computer Science is required, with strong networking skills.

Salary: $101,210

IT consultant:

IT-consultantBeing an IT consultant is not as easy as it sounds. IT consultant’s job is to evaluate the systems of a company and do the hard research that no one else entirely understands. Everyone from local businessman to the worldwide companies needs IT consultants to help them figure out the cheapest and fastest ways to run their computers easily.

Education Required: Like most positions on this list, a bachelor’s degree in computer science will be helpful.

Salary: $96,400

Cloud architect:

Cloud-architectYou’ve heard of cloud computing of course. Cloud storage is the storage that physically does not exist. Although that storage space exists in the ether and can’t be touched, it still needs to be organized, maintained and given architecture. That is the job for cloud architect. It is known as one of the highest paying careers in information technology so far.

Education Required: A bachelor’s degree is enough.

Salary: $112,000

Computer forensic investigator:

Forensic investigators have to work on computers mostly. They are known as computer crime detectives. Forensic investigators searches, identifies and evaluates information from computer systems. They record evidence or trials in computers.

Education Required: You will need a degree in computer forensics. A degree in information security or cyber security also may be required. Certification from a computer examiner board is also helpful.

Salary: $64,000

Health IT specialist:

Health-IT-specialistThis is a new field, especially with major changes going on in healthcare policies.  Health IT specialists have to mix computer knowledge will record keeping skills to keep records on medical aspects. They also need specialties in medical recording; billing and cancer registry are also in demand.

Education Required: Some health careers in information technology require only an associate degree or certification, some call for bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Salary: $45,000

Mobile application developer:

Mobile-application-developeIn this outbreak of technology, you and everyone you know have smart phones or tablet computers. Research says that the use of mobile technology has exceeded personal computers now. As a result, businesses organizations are now more heavily relying on mobile technologies. IT professionals with experience in this field are getting attention more than ever before. The job is also simple; using basic coding languages developers has to develop programs for mobile devices according users requirements. That is why this is most flexible among all careers in information technology.

Education Required: A bachelor’s in software engineering, computer science, mobile computer or related fields.

Salary: $90000

Information technology vendor manager:

Information-technology-vendSlightly more loosely compared to some other tech positions, vendor managers oversee supply when it comes to software and hardware. This product can mean anything from Microsoft’s latest word processor to health IT programs for hospitals. They manage supply system.

Education Required: Computer science degrees are helpful, but a deep understanding of business or even an MBA is more appreciated for the job.

Salary: $88000

Geo spatial professionals:

Geospatial-professionalsGeographic information systems are very complicated. But this job is exciting and getting more popular every day. GIS tech uses geographic data to evaluate earth’s geography.

Education Required: Certificate programs and degrees both improve your job outlook.

Salary: $84000


Data Modeler:

Data-ModelerThis professional creates data designs and defines relationships between data fields. Since any data is vital, data modeling needs to be tough and has to work perfectly. So this has become more complex task as reliance on computer systems is growing rapidly.

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics or IT will do, plus some experience.

Salary: $103000



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